Dressing for Variable Weather

When the weather changes are giving you whiplash, layering becomes essential. But remember to consider the types of layers you'll need to be comfortable out there.

As we come into fall it becomes difficult to predict what the temps will do. Early and late seasons bring about an important factor in preparing for your hunt - variable weather.

We've probably all been on outings that begin with temps in the 70's and then dip into the freezer within hours. Or you're bundled up on the morning and wind up sweating by the afternoon. How do you prepare without bringing your whole closet?

Mark Kayser talks about the appropriate way to dress for this, and he goes beyond layers and discusses what kinds of layers you should consider.

Pulling this off successfully means the difference between an epic day in the field or a miserable trek back to regroup and dress yourself to beat those changing weather elements.

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