Cold Sweat and Tears

As the popular adage goes, that's why they call it HUNTING.

Let's be honest. Not all hunts are successful, and when they are for television, rarely do they make the show. This is the quandry outdoor producers live with all the time. As one once said, "It's like going to shoot a cereal commercial and not knowing if there will actually be cereal there!"

As with all hunts, it doesn't mean it wasn't fun or exciting. We've all enjoyed unsuccessful hunts immensely. Some of the best hunting camp memories are made without taking an animal. As the adage goes, that's why they call it HUNTING.

Melissa Bachman knows this as well as anyone, and this week she shares some of her toughest hunts that came up empty from last year. She owns the fact that she came away without a kill 13 times last season, which makes for a rough year when you have networks who expect a full round of shows. 

As always, she soldiered on and will deliver the shows, including this colorful look at the ones that went wrong.

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