Hunting Elk With a Pistol?

Always bring enough gun. That includes your Smith & Wesson if you're Larry Weishuhn.

Many of us know the patience it can require to get an elk into bow distance. It's hard enough to put yourself in close enough with a gun, and with a bow you are more likely to be faced with the heartache of an animal winding you and running off unscathed.

Larry Weishuhn is not a bowhunter, but he understands the diligence it requires whenever he's out with his trusty Smith & Wesson handgun. Yes, that is his weapon of choice even when elk hunting at times. 

He shared this hunt with us that found him hunting elk in the Rockies for several days with his 30-06 pistol. It's early fall and this bull is hanging with his cows but coming a bit too close to Larry here.