Memory Chase: Preston Gardner

Meet 9-year-old Preston Gardner. This kid has all the makings of a future hunting phenom.

Getting kids involved in the outdoors is absolutely key to keeping our hunting heritage alive and thriving across the country. It has been said that the youth are the future, and outdoor recreation is one of the most key areas where they are of vital importance.

Memory Chase is devoted to promoting kids in the outdoors by inviting people to submit videos of their kids on hunting excursions. While beginner hunting ages vary across the country, one way to expose our kids at a young age is to bring them somewhere they can hunt if prohibited in your home state. 

Here's one example of  9-year-old Preston Gardner out hunting with his dad. He's obviously been mentored well given his hunting skills at this tender age. Can you imagine the impact hunting will have on Preston's life, and the impact he will have on other's lives? That's the kind of enthusiasm that will keep our hunting traditions alive and well through this century.