Wild Texas Hogs

These feral hogs provide year-round hunting opportunities and help out ranches in need.

Across the south and west wild hogs provide year-round opportunities to hunt, and they benefit land owners who are are seeing their property damaged by these invasive herds. Livestock have greatly reduced forage, and the ruts left behind by the hogs can cause broken legs when deep enough.

Stasney's Cook Ranch is a case in point. This is classic Texas, and they will tell you the feral hogs have proliferated to the point of almost overrunning the property.

North American Hunter sent Bill Miller down to help the cause of managing the hogs, and enjoy a challenging opportunity to hunt with a handgun. By all accounts he enjoyed both roles immensely.

He also filled his freezer with pork from a rancher in need of assistance instead of a factory farm. How's that for a win-win?

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