The new Woody Ford Bronco is just the throwback hunters have been waiting for!

The Woody Ford Bronco mixes the old Bronco and the classic Jeep Wagoneer then chucks in some 2016 power and style!

Is there any better 4 x 4 than the old Bronco?

Do you love the classic wood of the vintage Jeep Wagoneer?

Can you spare an extra $75K?

Then the Woody Ford Bronco is for you!

This suck’a is based on the 1974 Bronco, powered by a fuel-injected Ford 302 V8 crate engine, has a 3.5-inch lift kit, 31-inch tires, power disc brakes, power steering, and an automatic transmission.

Plus it has A/C and that wood on the side is marine-grade so it can handle all the mudding or blood or filth that comes its way.

Wait a minute…

Why would there be blood on the side of it…

Oh yeah…


All of this makes the Woody Ford Bronco the perfect vehicle to take afield.

And, again, it all can be yours for $75,000!


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