Outdoor Writer Gayne C. Young's dog has been bad!

My dog just ate $1,000 worth of product!

This is Turner.

She’s my two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Her breed originated in Africa where they were trained to hunt lions.

But as I live in Texas and don’t have any lions roaming around in my backyard, all Turner’s ever gotten is a squirrel.

Turner was an awesome puppy.

And she’s a great dog.

For the most part.

The kids adore her and she looks after them.

So overall I’m a pretty happy ridgeback owner.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday Turner ate my EAR Inc. custom earplugs.

Or rather she just chewed them to shreds.

Regardless, my $1,000 earplugs are no more.

If Turner had a doghouse, she’d be in it right now.

Stupid dog!