Turning game leather into craft objects

Here's how to turn game skins into more than taxidermy mounts

I’m an outdoor writer.

Because of this, I smoke cigars.

A lot of cigars.

It’s a job requirement.

Smoking this many cigars – maybe three or more a day - means that I have to have a place to store them.

And while I have plenty of humidors that I’ve inherited or been given, I don’t really have one that I call my own. One that I’ll pass on to my son one day.

I found an alligator humidor online that I liked until I saw the $7,000 price tag.

Then it hit me.

I’ve been alligator hunting lots of times and have plenty gator skins from those hunts. So I called my friend Richard Sanders of Walden & Bork and asked him to make me an alligator humidor. Walden & Bork turns game skins into products like bags, purses, rifle slings, wallets, key chains, gloves, and a lot more.

Richard said all he needed was a humidor and my gator skins to cover it with.  I found a cheap humidor online, sent it along with the skins to Richard, and a few weeks later I had an alligator humidor.

And aside from costing a lot less, I have the honor of telling people that the gator covering it was taken by me.

I’m not sure what I’ll have Walden & Bork make for me next but rest assured they will be making more for me.

Lots more.

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