PETA Compares Women To…Chickens

“You’re kidding me, right,”

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk drew heavy criticism yesterday when she compared women…to chickens.

Yeah…that’s her there in the cage with the dog.

She Tweeted, “Discrimination is discrimination, and it’s wrong, whether you’re a woman or a chicken,”

This, of course, did not go over very well with…oh, I don’t know…at least half the planet’s population many of who happen to be on Twitter.

A person named Trace was first to fire back by Tweeting, “So woman are chickens and chickens could be women? Discrimination means telling things apart, idiot.”

PETA fired back an explanation but the damage was done with many calling out the animals rights group for being...kind’a stupid.

Some of our favorites were, “You’re kidding me, right,” “Vegetarianism really does make some people stupid,” “Y'all need some meat in your life” and the now time honored staple of “Delete your account.”

What do you think of PETA comparing women to chickens?

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