Duke Cannon Giveaway #2

Be a man! Enter often!

This week we're giving away...

Superior Grade Shaving Cream

If left untouched for three days, Duke Cannon's beard would grow a beard. Therefore, he needs a shaving product that will clean him up without the burn. His barbershop formula shaving cream is engineered with only Superior Grade ingredients:
- Aloe Vera for relief
- Shea Butter for hydration
- Macadamia Nut Oil for the closest possible shave
- Calendula Extract for recovery

This tube of bad boy beard balm...ok, cream - is a $14 value.

PLUS, you'd have to pay for shipping n' tax and all that other crap.

To enter, go to "Duke Cannon Giveaway #2" on the forums and tell us why you want to win, what you'd do with the product if you win, or how great Gayne is in the video...put whatever you want.

Enter as often as you like.

Winner to be chosen at random on June 24, 2016.

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