Hunters Are Biggest Conservation Force in Africa

New reports shows, once again, that hunters are the true conservationists.

In April, US Fish & Wildlife reported that hunters had contributed $1.1 billion to U.S. wildlife conservation in 2016 alone through the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act.

Now comes news that American hunters contribute $426 million annually to African conservation through their hunting that continent.

The report, “The Economic Contributions of Hunting-Related Tourism in Eastern and Southern Africa" details that American hunters account for 53,000-plus jobs in Africa.

Also of note is the fact that the average American hunter spends 14 days in Africa during his or her visit and spends on average $26,000 per person while in country.

This makes American hunters by far the leading spender on conservation in Africa.

No other group – tourists or photography safaris – even comes close.

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