Our Outdoors Writer Smokes Some Chicken Wings

Step One: Grab a beer.

Hey Kids,

Gayne Young here for Scout.com and North American Hunter.

Last week I was asked by the powers that be to start posting some recipes so I grabbed some chicken wings and headed over to my friend Joel’s house to smoke them up.

Step One: Grab a beer.

Step Two: Wash your chicken.

Step Three: Dust chicken in spices.  For this batch I did one set of Fiesta Brand Extra Fancy Chicken Fajita Seasoning, one of Dean Jacobs Chili Lime Rub, and one of Dean Jacobs Habanero Rub.

Step Four: Put wood chips in the smoker and crank that puppy to 165 degrees.

Step Five: You guessed it.

Step Six: Put the wings in the smoker.

Step Seven: Wait.

Step Eight: Keep waiting.

Step Nine: Keep waiting.

Step Ten: After two hours pull the wings from the smoker and enjoy.  All were good but the Fiesta Brand turned out the best.

Fiesta Brand Extra Fancy Chicken Fajita Seasoning

Dean Jacobs Chili Lime Rub

Dean Jacobs Habanero Rub

Miller Lite

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