WAG Nicole Williams Joins PETA, Comes Out Against Leather

Nicole is using her...er, celebrity...to combat leather!

"Leather is a rip-off. That leather jacket or upholstery was someone's skin!”

So says model, girlfriend of San Diego Chargers Linebacker Larry English, and star of the E reality series WAGS Nicole Williams.

Williams has taken her – er, celebrity – to PETA to help promote the evils of wearing leather.

Williams says, "I'm a crazy animal lover. I've always known that if I could have the opportunity to help I would and I'm just so honored that I get that opportunity now."

That honor, of course, is posing completely nude while having pretended flesh pulled from your back.

In the behind the scenes video detailing the making of this honor Williams noted "As a model, sometimes you get into a shoot and you're not told what you're wearing.  A stylist just brings out everything and you don't have much of a choice. So I just let them know if I get booked for a job, I'm not wearing leather and I'm not supporting fur. I bring my own shoes, and if there's anything specific that they need I can bring it."

But Williams admits this was not always the case.  "Like most people, you don't think about where this leather is coming from. I mean you know it's animal skin, but you don't think about what has that animal gone through for you to wear this jacket.  Animals have feelings just like us, and if you're an animal lover you'll realize that."

Are you gonna quit wearing leather thanks to Nicole’s plea?

Or go buy extra leather because of Nicole’s plea?

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