WANT IT! The Timahawk

Do not use against bed bugs!

The Timahawk is the go to tool for hunters, anglers, overlanders, preppers, and anyone else that wants a tool that does damn near everything!
This 27 inch long beast is a combination crowbar, axe, tomahawk, hammer, hoe, and breaching tool.  It features a hardened steel core, a heat-treated head, and recycled plastic handles. 


Hey honey.

Is that a Timahawk or are ya’ just happy to see me.

Best of all the Timahawk’s made in ‘Merica and weighs just under four pounds.

Put one on your pack, in your boat, or in your overlander and you’ll be ready for just about anything that comes your way.

Except bed bugs.

I don’t see it being of any use against bed bugs.


Not at all.

You need all kinds of chemicals to kill them nasty things.

The Timahawk retails for around $240 and can be purchased at their webpage, the address of which we’ve put below this video.

Get it HERE