Liam's n' Jessie's New Title Is ANTI Hunting

Would you hunt or fish with either of these?

Actor Liam Hemsworth who plays Thor in all those Marvel movies…

That’s his brother Chris.

Then who’s Liam?

Oh…the one with Miley.

Any who!

Liam has been named PETA’s 2016 sexiest male vegan celebrity.

Why in the hell am I covering this?

Who cares?

Singer Jessie J. was named PETA’s 2016 sexiest female vegan celebrity.

Well…she does more for me than Liam at least.

Does PETA not have a transgender celebrity vegan yet?

How discriminatory!

As for Liam and Jessie J., well, I wouldn’t hunt or fish with either.

Would you?


They wouldn’t go.

Then screw ‘em!


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