Is This The Ultimate Paleo Diet Meat?

Eating this meat from the Paleo period could get you in LOTS of trouble!

Hunters, hipsters, and soccer moms are all proponents of the Paleo diet.

This high on meat and low on everything else lifestyle is reminiscent of the way our caveman forefathers ate and supposedly how we as humans are supposed to exist.

But there’s one part of that diet that we’re leaving out.

At least according to Hervé Bocherens of the University of Tübingen.

And, yes, I’m sure I screwed up at least three of those names.

This researcher claims that our Neanderthal ancestors supplemented their Paleo lifestyle by eating other humans.

Not only did they eat human meat but ground their bones to extract the marrow.

And while this helped produce a healthy and happy caveman thousands of years ago it’s probably not the best trend to emulate today.

At least if you want to avoid jail time that is.

Might we suggest you just double up on your steak?