Timahawk Shirt / Hat GIVEAWAY!

Timahawk is everything you need in a multi-tool...and these clothing items are just as awesome!

Last week we showed you what an awesome tool the Timahawk is.

Go ahead and watch the video below.

It’s ok.

We’ll wait.

In short, the Timahawk is everything you need in a multi-tool.

It’s a combination crowbar, axe, tomahawk, ave hammer, hoe, and breaching tool…. This tools uses are only limited by the imagination of the user.

The weight and balance of this tool make it a MUST HAVE for every survivalist, backpacker, bush crafter, woodsman, fireman, policeman, adventurer, four wheeler, and preppers the world over.

And the company also has some pretty awesome shirts and hats, a pair of which we’ll be giving away this week!

Check 'em out!

To enter all we need you to do is take to the forum and tell us why you want to win.

Or tell us your favorite color.

Or a joke.

Hell…we don’t care what you post but know that each post enters you another chance to win!

Winner will be chosen at random on Friday June 15!

Our special thanks to Tim Ralston, President and Founder of Ralston Sirvival Quest for this awesome donation.

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