Species Spotlight: Bongo

Native to the Congo but hunatable in Texas

The largest of all the forest antelope, the bongo stands upwards of four feet at the shoulder and can measure just over 10 feet in length.  Males can push over 800 pounds while females rank smaller with an average weight of between 300 to 500 pounds.  Horns are spiral in nature and can measure up to 40 inches.

Bongo are bright auburn to chestnut in color and carry between 10–15 vertical white to yellow stripes, spread along the back from the base of the neck to hindquarters.

It carries a white spot on each cheek and a white chevron appears between the eyes with another along the neck and chest.

Native to some of the nastiest jungles and rainforests in Africa, Bongo can be found on numerous game ranches in Texas where they can be hunted from blinds, safari style, and spot and stalk.

Our thanks to Ox Ranch for their help in crafting this video

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