Kardashian…And Hemingway?!

Kim just compared herself to Papa himself!

Ya’ hear that sound?


It’s hell freezing over.

This because Kim Kardashian just returned from Cuba where she compared herself to…

Ernest Hemingway!

Told ya’ hell was freezing over.

While touring Papa’s home the reality queen – or whatever she is - noticed the world’s greatest outdoor writer weighed himself on a daily basis.  Kim reportedly exclaimed, “That’s like me! I do that.”

Yeah.  Ya’ll are regular Twinkies.

Also while in Cuba, Kardashian complained that very few people knew who she was and how there was no WiFi on the island.

Oh Good Lord Kimmie! They’ve been in an isolated media blackout since the 50s!

And I for one think it nice they have no idea who you are.

I wish I could forget!