WANT IT: Ironclad Gloves

Hey! You gotta keep those hands safe and enhance their usage while afield.


Ya’ know those things at the end of your arms?

Your hands?

Yeah, you gotta protect them. 

You gotta keep them safe and enhance their usage while afield.

That’s where Ironclad Gloves comes in.

Founded in 1997 by Ed Jaeger, Ironclad makes some of the best gloves on the planet…gloves for working, hunting, camping, fishing, and hiking.

All are constructed from materials like Kevlar, ballistic nylon, and leather from dead cows and some with Vibram that can help reduce the amount of force reaching the hand by more than 90%.

What does that mean?

Hell if we know but if Ironclad and a study from OSHA and the University of Wisconsin say it’s a good thing then by God it’s a good thing.

So, to review, you need to protect your hands from the ills of this world and give them the tools to do so with Ironclad Gloves.


Mic drop.

Were outta here.

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