Big Boy Challenge: .460 S&W Vs. 500 S&W

.460 S&W Vs. 500 S&W!

It's a battle of the big boy hand cannons...

As .460 S&W Vs. 500 S&W!

Place your bets!


The video is as the title suggests, I put the two most powerful production revolvers against a chunk of 3/8" thick I-Beam steel. But, I don't just shoot it head on, I wanted to see how big of a dent each cartridge put in this steel after passing through two gallons of water. I was also curious how the heaviest factory loads available for each gun would fair against one another when fired side by side. 395 Gr. .460 S&W hard cast round with advertised 1,525 fps and 700 Gr. 500 S&W hard cast advertised at 1,200 fps.

This video as my usual videos of this style was not meant to be scientific, merely visual and physical representation of what each round is capable of, there's no real numbers here. You get what you see and if I was more concerned about a controlled lab result so to speak I would have tested loads that had closer bullet weights to one another, this is just about the heaviest each will do from factory ammo. Enjoy