Unidentified Cyber Group Attacks Hunting

The cyber attack was aimed at the Ox Ranch!

The latest attack on hunting hasn’t come from PETA but from…

An unidentified Native American cyber group.

Late last week an unknown group attacked the Ox Ranch’s Website stating that the wildlife ranch was killing white buffalo.

They also posted messages that the ranch, its owner, and those that worked there could “go to hell.”

Owner Brent Oxley responded on the site and via Social Media by stating

1. We've never once hunted a White Buffalo at Ox Ranch. In fact the ranch didn't even exist until October 2012, and it wasn't until late 2013 that the white buffalo herd was acquired.

2. My grandma was Blackfoot indian which means I'm part Indian.

3. Some of our white buffaloes were purchased from 100% pure Indians that knew in advance that we were a hunting ranch.

4. All the white buffaloes we own originally came from other hunting ranches and or were born on our property.

5. The government does not subsidies my property and I do not receive any financial assistance! I'm losing $1mm+ a year supporting the white buffalo and dozens of other species on my 18,000 acre property. I've never once had a single Indian or outsider ever offer to help pay the feed bills on any of my white buffaloes or any animal for that matter. It will cost me somewhere around $50,000 per white buffalo to feed them and provide them medical care in their lifetime. This doesn't even begin to come close to covering the other costs such as personnel, taxes, etc.

6. I employ multiple full-blooded Indians at Ox Ranch and other entities.

7. I'd love to help preserve these "sacred" beautiful animals even further, and would be more then happy to guarantee they won't ever be hunted as long as I'm alive. This would however require financial assistance towards feeding them and providing for them just to cover some of my costs. (no profit) Ask yourself the following........... If my sacred white buffalo herds are growing every year am I killing them or saving them? White buffaloes can easily be purchased from many game auctions, hunting ranches, etc. Why don't you never see Indians buy them to "preserve"? If they truly cared they'd put there money were there mouth is and buy them as I did and grow the herds! It's sickening that I can't name a single reservation that owns a white buffalo, yet I can name over a dozen hunting ranches that do!!!!! Put some of that tax free casino money to use and save the white buffalo vs attacking those that are!"

Silly Brent…

You can’t combat emotion and ignorance with actual facts!

Although it’d be nice if you could.

Our thoughts with Brent and all those at Ox Ranch for doing the right thing toward conservation day in and day out.

Because hunters and hunting is conservation!

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