The NAH “Dove Cam”

We put a camera on a dove nest for two months. Here's what we caught on video!

When I saw this dove building a nest in my yard, I got out a trail camera and ladder and went about the task of documenting whatever would happen next.

In all honesty I had no idea if she was about to lay eggs or not.

I was just hoping to get some decent pics of…well…something.

Apparently she did lay eggs as these fuzzy looking things appeared pretty soon after she built the nest.

Despite the fact that my camera gave me 24-hour coverage it was at least a month before I caught the mom leaving the nest for food.


Ignore the dates on the camera.

I never set it.

So how was she feeding them?

Got me but the young did get big really, really fast so apparently she was feeding them something.

Keep watching North American Hunter to see what happens to these two next.

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