Scrub Bull Hunting In Oz

These ain't cows!

Scrub bull hunting in Australia is big game hunting at its best...

And most dangerous.


What is a scrub bull?

Allow Hunt Australia to explain:

There are feral cattle spread throughout many of the remote outback regions of Northern Territory. These cattle are the ancestors of the original cattle introductions. They live and die unchallenged in their wild habitat.

Scrub Bulls are exciting to hunt and they are an interesting trophy.

Mature bulls are huge, dangerous and tough to kill. They provide an exciting challenge to those hunters to like to pursue a dangerous adversary.

Hunting Method
We hunt feral cattle in the riverine forests and in remote regions of some of the vast outback cattle stations. We hunt them by cruising the outback tracks in modified Toyota 4WD hunting Landcruisers and undertake the final stalk on foot

When encountered, we recommend the biggest caliber with the heaviest weight premium bullets that you can shoot comfortably.

Only serious big game hunters should hunt these cattle and only with a reliable experienced back up. Should serious difficulties occur, and they often do when the shooting starts, only experienced big game hunters with experienced guide backing are safe.

Footwear should be sneakers or lightweight walking boots. A wide brim hat, cotton camo clothing and good binoculars would complete your outfit.

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