A Look At Campaign Furniture

The only way to hunt!

British adventurers hunting in Africa and India during the Georgian and Victorian eras (1714-1901) often did so with little suffering or lack of comfort.  In addition to bespoke firearms, custom tailored clothing, and libraries of books many hunters took an array of “campaign furniture” with them.  Also known as “knockdown furniture,” this specially designed furniture was made to the same specifications as regular furniture with the exception that it was able to collapse for easy travel.  Great Britain’s premiere furniture makers crafted tables, chairs, beds, writing desks, gun racks, and chests from iron, mahogany, leather and exotic skins for those willing to pay for comforts afield. Even full showers, bathtubs, shaving stands, and bidets were available.  Today companies such as Lewis Drake and Associates and F.M. Allen as well as private craftsmen at galleries such as Artisans at Rocky Hill still produce pieces of campaign furniture for hunters with romantic longings for safaris past.

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