Australia Hunt Diary

Hunting dangerous game Down Under!

We got the following Australia Hunt Diary entry from Gordie White, owner of Gordie White Worldwide Hunting

August 7, 2016

This afternoon, we start flying back to Darwin and then on to Sydney. It’s been a really great trip. Tommy and Ricky took very nice bulls and shot some old culls. ?The weather was perfect. Simon is one of the hardest working PHs I know. We hunted in a true wilderness with lots of game. ?This might be the wildest place I’ve ever been….

?After many hours of flying over land and sea, and in progressively smaller planes, we finally touched down on an ocher-colored dirt strip cut out of a vast eucalyptus forest. Tommy Dugger, Ricky Lester, and I arrived to Simon Kyle-Little’s 2.2 million acre aboriginal hunting conservancy in Arnhem Land.  His area is a humongous chunk of wilderness in the Northern Territory, which he’s hunted and guided, with exclusivity, for 26 years. This was my first trip to this country.

?For six days, we hunted buffalo in paperbark and ironwood forests, riverine jungles, and on massive salt flats and floodplains. We saw lots of buffalo, wild pigs, wallabies, and several elusive wild ox. And of course, there were dingoes. The chorus of howling dingoes woke me every night. And, there was of shocking abundance of crocodiles; they dozed on the banks of the Walker River and along the coastline’s pristine desolate beaches. Sea crocodiles (salties) can grow to 20 feet in length or longer. There’re huge!

 Longtime friend, Kinsey Robinson, hunted with Simon prior to our arrival and reported a fantastic hunt.  He took a trophy buffalo, a wild ox, and some wild pigs. Kinsey told me the trip exceeded his expectations.

Simon Kyle-Little hunts with vigor and is great, jovial company. I look forward to hunting with Simon again.  This trip exceeded my expectations, too.

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