GIVEAWAY: Delta Echo Ammo Can Knife Set

You want it! Enter for your chance to win!

This week we're giving away of heaviest prize of the year cuz this bad boy weighs a ton!

This week we're giving away a slightly used Delta Echo Products' Ammo Can Knife Set.

Why is it slightly used?

Because we tested it here in our kitchen, that's why!

And it is awesome.

This bad boy features Six 5" Serrated steak knives, One 7" Satoku knife, One 8" Bread knife, One 8" Carving knife, One 8" Chef knife and is housed in a military grade steel covered block that comes with a hinged cover.

The knives are balanced, came sharp as our wit, and performed beautifully.

And did we mention this thing weighs a ton?

This should-be-featured-in-any-kitchen-staple retails for $79.99.

But this week we're giving one away!

To enter all we need you to do is take to the forum and tell us why you want to win.

Or tell us how awesome these knives are, how the doctor just said you were well enough to won knives once more.

Hell…we don’t care what you post but know that each post enters you another chance to win!

Winner will be chosen at random on Friday September 2!

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