OVERLAND: Kahn Land Rover 6x6

You'll be screaming KHAN like Capt. Kirk after you see this!



Hell yeah!

This is the Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 6×6

Face it, there’s nothing practical about the Land Rover Defender.

It’s boxy, gets no gas mileage whatsoever, is less than safe, and is pretty damn undependable.

But who cares?

I still want one.

The Defender screams of adventure and is as to the African Bush as the pickup is to the American Southwest.

Project Kahn builds on all that is the best of the former in a number of bespoke editions. My favorite of those is the Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 6×6. That conversion added a third axel (and an extra 31.5 inches for such), a 430hp, 6.2L GM-sourced V8 engine, dark gray “Volcanic Rock Satin” exterior, and red leather seating.

Yeah, it costs an arm and a leg and maybe a kidney or two and isn’t legal in the states – and again isn’t practical – but damn if I don’t still want one.

So what do we scream?


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