Anti Hunting Goes After 12 Year Old

You won't believe what Piers says to this 12 year old girl!

Piers Morgan has hit an even lower low than we thought he could.

The British tabloid journalist who was fired from CNN as Larry King’s replacement has a long history of being anti-hunting.  In the past he has gone after Prince William, rhino hunter Corey Knowlton, said he would love to hunt and kill lion hunter Walter Palmer and put him on his wall, and said that America has a, “disgusting gun culture” has now gone after a 12-year-old girl.

Aryanna Gourdin is the latest female hunter to be slammed on social media for legally hunting. She has endeared slams, death threats, and threats of rape for doing nothing more than hunting.  Now she has to face stupid questions from Piers Morgan.  While on his show with her father, Piers asked the 12 year old, “How would you feel if I came to your house one day and I hunted down your pet cat and I killed it and I then posted pictures of me celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat?”

Aryanna immediately smartly responded, “What... I'm not allowed a pet because I hunt?”

Aryanna’s father responded, “I think that's a trick question. That would be your choice because I've never killed a pet and most hunters don't kill pets.  Agiraffe's not a pet. We would never think to go out and kill somebody's pet.”

While these are great answers we have to wonder why Aryanna and her father went on Pier’s show at all.

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