Worst Taxidermist Ever Part 2!!

The horror story continues!

Yesterday, I shared the story of my almost year long effort to get a skull mount of mine back from an extremely unprofessional taxidermists.

The story was a huge hit, went viral, and spawned an outpouring of comments and likewise horror stories.

Here are some of the best.

Please note they are unedited and unverified!

I took a smallmouth in to a taxidermist he said he would have it done in 6 weeks, I paid and left over a year went by and I called him numerous times , after almost 2 years he called me and said I owed him more money because his drift wood supplier raised his prices, I told him that wasn't going to happen I paid what you told me it costed 2 years ago, his excuse was that deer mounts came first and he kept getting more and more in, it's been 12 years and I still haven't got my bass back , I have gone to his shop, which was his garage and he had moved , if I ever see him on the street I'm gonna kick him in his bass..... - DD

Arrowed a nice double droptine white tail one year. Took to a local taxidermy to get European mount. A few months went by & I gave them a call. The fela said he has been busy & will get to it soon. I'm good with that. A few more months go by & I give him a call. Speak to his wife that said he was out of town buying horns. I asked if for his cell number. She would not give it out. Please have him call me then. A week goes by, I call, no answer. Another week, I call. A fella said joe is to busy to do any taxidermy work right now. I said I wanted my mount back now. I figured 13 months to bleach a skull was enough time. The man gave me directions to his house were everything was kept. I pulled up in the yard and there were skulls every wear. Huge 6×6 elk just laying on the ground buffalo skulls all over . I knocked on the door and a fella answered & said come on in. The smell of rotting flesh filled my nose. A big table in the kitchen was covered with more skulls. I pointed out mine that was laying in the pile. All the velvet was gone.( THAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO SAVE ) . I put the head in my trunk & gagged all the way home. - DA


My son shot a really nice antelope when he was a freshman, fall of 1990...we took it to a taxidermist, a CHP, local guy, did fantastic work. We waited and waited. He said after a few months, don't worry he will have it done before our son graduated from high school. He kept his promise...one hour before graduation the guy shows up with the completed antelope mount. A really good job, only took him four years. He is now in Montana, hoping he gets them done sooner. Just won't do any for us again..our choice. - EOP

I gave a taxidermist a rattlesnake that had a unique red coloration. 18 months later, after numerous stops in his store and telephone calls, he gave me a different rattler. After an exchange of words, I left with the counterfeit and without paying the balance. - RG


Same experience but not to that extent. Gave him a goose in January of 15. He said it would be done at the end of May. I messaged him and no response. I called and it seemed like he blocked my number. A year later I receive a picture of the goose saying it's done. He complained about health issues and I have a hard time believing that. I don't mind waiting, as long as they have the courtesy to let you know what's going on. - MS

I had some thing similar to this happen to me. I dropped my deer of to get a shoulder mount done. I picked this taxidermist because he was a fellow veteran. He told me 6-8 months but probably sooner. So every time I tried to get in touch got no answer or returned text. If I did it was a week or so after. When I asked the status I was told 2 weeks out. This happened several times. At the 9 month mark I took it to my buddy who is a taxidermist and had it done in less then two weeks. Won't be a returning customer to that taxidermist. If you are going to run your own business treat it as such and not as a hobby that you can just blow off until you want to do some work. - RR

My dad had a nice buck taken to a taxidermist. It was a ten point that had a spread of 18 inches. So the taxidermist said it would cost 500 bucks when done. So 6 months later it was done and we went to get it. So he said if we wanted the mount we would have to pay him another 150 bucks. A rip off. Anyway, once we got it back to the house i noticed the antlers were loose. So I measured the width and it was now 16 1/2 inches. He had broken the skull so now it looked a lot smaller. We never took another deer there again. - DO

Had one done .got it back he used the wrong size mount and rolled the excess hide under itself on the neck line.used dry preservatives and smelled like it was in full rut .never again - DN

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