Harambe Set To Be Halloween’s Hottest

This costume has to be seen to be believed!


He just can’t rest in peace.

After being nailed by zookeepers for exhibiting dangerous behavior toward a three-year-old boy that either fell or jumped into his enclosure back in May, Harambe the gorilla has been an Internet sensation with various memes, slogans (Yeah, we can’t print what that one is), and cartoons of him going viral.

Now the silverback is set to be this Halloween’s hottest costumes.

Although not an officially licensed costumer, many are turning HalloweenCostumes.com’s Sexy Gorilla Costume into Sexy Harambe.

What do you think?

Too much?

Too soon?

Too sexy?

Or is Harambe looking down from that big jungle in the sky and smiling?

Let us know what you think!