Glamour Puss Bag Causes Uproar

Is this bag a catastrophe?


One of life’s true mysteries.

Especially their fascination handbags.

Women of means will spend upwards of $60,000…


That’s how much this one costs.

It’s from Hermès.

Like you’re gonna buy one.

Anyway, women of means will spend upwards of $60,000 on bag to carry around a bunch of junk.

So if dames are willing to fork over the cost of a doublewide on a bag made from alligators, why the outrage over the Glamour Puss bag.

Made in New Zealand by professional taxidermist Clare Hobbs, this $1,400 custom bag is made from a feral cat that died of natural means.

Yet Hobbs has gotten a lot of flack since posting her creation on the New Zealand auction site TradeMe.

What do you think?

Is the Glamour Puss a lovely accessory?

Or sick?

And why is a bag made from an alligator ok but a cat not?


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