Ride Hard, Put Away Wet!

Is this truly an all weather gun?

This is the Henry All Weather Lever Action rifle 45-70.

You can bang it, ding it, or leave it in the rain.

Or can you?

Let's find out!


One of Henry’s most popular big guns is their 45-70. It has recently been made even more popular as straight walled centerfire cartridges became legal for hunting in many shotgun-only areas of the country.

As great as the Henry 45-70 Lever Action is, they just made it better for hunters who want a powerful rifle that’s low maintenance even in wet weather and humid climates. It’s called the All-Weather Lever Action, and though it has the same basic specs as the standard 45-70, it has a few very important upgrades.

Most noticeable is the hard chrome finish on all of the metal. This finish is actually tougher and more corrosion resistant than most stainless steels used in firearms. It also reduces friction and sheds water more quickly than stainless, blued or nitrided steels.

The stocks are still made of American walnut, but they get a beautiful black stain that still reveals their natural grain. An industrial strength coating is then applied that completely seals out water while hardening the wood against nicks, dings and scratches

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