Komodo CLASH!

An EPIC battle of prehistoric proportions!

Photographer Chris Bray caught an epic showdown...

Between two monster Komodo dragons going at it in a fight over the right to mate.


Even in my line of work running wildlife photography tours around the world, it's not every day I see a dragon, let alone two big male dragons, fighting, right beside me! Although they didn't have wings and were spitting venom rather than fire, the sheer scaly bulk of these two 80-90 kg male Komodo Dragons battling it out so close that I had to back away, was enough to momentarily transport me back to the Jurassic Period, if not the pages of fiction! This was just a few days ago on Rinca Island, in the Komodo National Park. Of course, I left a GoPro (and a 360-degree Theta S camera) in amongst it all and got some awesome footage! Enjoy!


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