PETA Just Pushed Back Civil Rights

What PETA did at this event will make you furious!

President Obama said at the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on September 24, “This national museum helps to tell a richer and fuller story of who we are.  It helps us better understand the lives, yes, of the president but also the slave, the industrialist but also the porter, the keeper of the status quo but also the activist seeking to overthrow that status quo.”

A great, long overdue moment in history, right?

One all of us should reflect on, yes?

Not one that should be exploited...

Yet that's exactly what PETA did.

The anti-hunting group used this momentous occasion to promote veganism...

And even used a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King to compare humans everywhere to chickens.

PETA also used the opportunity to hand out info on how to get a "Vegan Starter Kit."

There is a time and place for everything...

And PETA, this wasn't the time nor the place to promote ANYTHING other than learning of our past and making plans for our future.

Read about what PETA was doing at the event HERE


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