George Plimpton: Bat Hunter

Was bat hunting even legal back then?

George Plimpton.

He was one of the 20th century’s most influential journalists.

He hung regularly with Muhammad Ali and Hunter S. Thompson, played football for the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Colts (kind of), wrestled the gun from Sirhan Sirhan's hand after he shot Robert Kennedy, acted, edited, and wrote.

He was a man among men in every sense of the world.

He also hunted bats.

According to Terry McDonnell’s new book, The Accidental Life, Plimpton used to hunt bats as a teenager.

He nailed them with a shotgun then sold their skins to labs and museums.

Alas, we could find no pictures of this.

Remember kids, shooting bats today is illegal…

Well, it probably was then too but, then again, Plimpton was a man among men!

Our thanks to Gordie White of Gordie White Worldwide Hunting for bringing this story to our attention.


Since we couldn't find a picture of Plimpton with a bat...

Here's one of a super-sized bat taken somewhere in...


Who knows?

It's one of those Internet deals.

We'd like to see Plimpton go after one of these with a shotgun!

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