What Till You See The Size Of This Gator!

You won't believe the SIZE of this Swamp Dragon!

Landon McDowell originally thought he'd hooked into a stump.

He didn't.

Instead he hooked into a monster alligator that measured over 13 feet in length!

McDowell was hunting with his son Gavin and friend Jim Arnette and his son James two miles south of the Wacca Wache Marina in the Waccamaw River in Florida Friday night when they hooked into something so stationary they felt it had to be a stump.

McDowell told Myrtel Beach Online, “I was having trouble casting on him. He actually surfaced and he went back down. When I saw him go back down, I threw in the area where he was at and I didn’t know I had him. Normally when you hook a gator, he will run. But when I hooked up, it didn’t run. I said ‘I’m hung on a stump,’ and I started pulling as hard as I could to break it loose from the stump and then it started moving. I think just because of his size it took a little more to get him off the bottom. But when he ran, it was on."

That run took over two hours to come to a conclusion.

“After about two hours, he tired out and surfaced enough to get a harpoon in him and shortly after the harpoon we were able to get a good shot on him,” McDowell said.

The alligator measured 13 foot 5 inches in length and weighed an astounding 816 pounds!

So what do you do with a gator that big?

“I’ve decided that I’m going to get the head mounted because I don’t know if I’ll ever get an opportunity to shoot one this size,” McDowell said.


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