Are You A Hemingway Drunk?

Let science determine if you're a Papa-like drunk or not!

Ah, science.

What would we do without ya?


For starters we wouldn't know what kind of drunk we are.

Or would we?

Researchers at the University of Missouri at Columbia conducted a study that involved 374 undergraduates.

Once drunk...

Now, exactly how did these kids get this job?

Once drunk, the kids were placed into one of four categories based on their personality while inebriated.

The categories were...

The Ernest Hemingways were those who, like the famed outdoor writer and famed drunk, could drink heavily without major personality changes.

(Surprise! I'm this one.)

The Mary Poppins became outgoing and cheerful and got nicer and happier with alcohol.

The Nutty Professors became more social and worried less about what others think.

The Mr. Hydes were, like ya' couldn't guess from the name, were mean drunks.


Which are you?

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