CAN Hilary Ban Our Guns?

Here's what a top constitutional law professor says...

As of this writing, Hilary Clinton has an 80% chance of becoming the next president.

This does not bode well for gun owners.

Or does it?

VICE magazine recently spoke with Adam Winkler, who is a constitutional law professor at UCLA, about Hillary’s chances of banning guns and the results are pretty interesting.

Winkler’s thoughts on an assault ban:

My own view is that there's no way to make assault rifle bans effective. It's an ineffective law, it's an ineffective goal, it's an ineffective policy that's mostly about symbolism and not about substance. The truth is assault weapons are used very infrequently in crimes. I think there is a grand total of about 300 people a year who die from rifles of any sort––assault or otherwise.

Winkler’s thoughts on Supreme Court involvement:

There are quite a few [active] cases dealing with gun issues. If the Supreme Court was prepared to overturn the Heller case [which established that people had the right to own handguns], and declare there was no right to bear arms in the Constitution, they're gonna have plenty of opportunities to do that. My sense is that the justices are unlikely to overturn Heller. I think there's a considerable fear among the liberal justices that such a ruling would cause a backlash that would lead to possibly even a constitutional amendment providing even stronger protections.

While the prospect of a constitutional amendment is mostly a fool's errand, I think in the area of guns, it might be one of those areas that such an amendment could happen.

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