Gayne’s Birthday List: Overlander Version

Our Editor has many an Overland dream

It’s my birthday!

Well, it will be in a month.

And as the Editor of North American Hunter, I get to put my birthday wish list online. Here’s some of what I’d like.

Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket Jeep

Who said you had to have a need for something you want…especially on your birthday?

I don’t need a Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket Jeep.  But I sure as hell want one.


To take anywhere on Earth I want…

CamoLiner with DuPont Kevlar

The folks at CLOAK USA spray vehicles the right way and with the right product.  They use REAL DuPont Kevlar, mask interiors, doorjambs and other exposed areas with two levels of protection before spraying, sand by hand, and pride themselves by believing and acting on the fact that every vehicle they spray is an advertisement for their service.

I want to advertise for them!

LOD Off Road Toyota FJ Cruiser Tire Carrier

The LOD Off Road Toyota FJ Cruiser Tire Carrier is constructed of 3/16? steel, can handle up to a 37?, comes with optional bolt-on Jerry can / Gas mounts, Hi-Lift Jack Mount, and is compatible with factory back-up sensors.


I need one.

XVenture XV-2 Trailer

Designed to exceed the performance standards demanded of the military, the XVenture XV-2 Trailer is a go all do all Overland machine.

It's made for whatever comes what may, has far too many features to list here, and I want one for my next adventure!

MTM Crates

MTM's Ammo Crates are affordable, almost indestructible, air tight, have an O seal to keep out moisture, and can hold just about anything.

I'll be needing at least four of them!

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