Hunting Jacob Sheep At Champion Ranch

Join North American Hunter Editor Gayne C. Young as he hunts Champion Ranch

Last week I ventured west - really far west from where I live in Fredericksburg - to Colorado City, Texas to hunt the legendary Champion Ranch.

Given the landscape I drove through en route, I feared I'd be hunting some flat, dry earth.

Or at least some cotton fields.

The ranch itself proved to be anything but flat.

It consisted of deep valleys, rock outcroppings, and thick scrub.

Over four miles of the Colorado River flows through the ranch.

And thanks to a recent downpour of more than five inches of rain in a matter of hours, some of the lower points of the property were underwater.

Evidence of the ranch's earlier inhabitants could be found throughout the property.

Such as this hole used by indigenous persons to grind corn and other staples.

Evidence of some of the ranch's animals - those that died in the field at least - could be found on the fence just outside the guides' quarters.

The first animal I saw on the ranch was this wildebeest.

He was followed by this elk.

My guide "G" looking for Jacob sheep.

G didn't spot any sheep, but we did come across this scimitar-horned oryx.

He was a bute!

I couldn't believe just how green the ranch was.

This wildebeest really tempted me.

I seriously thought of turning my Jacob hunt into a wildebeest hunt.

Good thing he turned and left.

No Jacob sheep...


My thanks to Joel Swan and the rest of the staff at Champion Ranch!

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