Hunting Jacob Sheep At Champion Ranch Part 2

Join North American Hunter Editor Gayne C. Young as he hunts Champion Ranch

My guide G and I were still searching for Jacob sheep on the legendary Champion Ranch in Colorado City, Texas when we came across this herd of elk.

G let out a call...

And the patriarch bugled back.

Not something you get to see in Texas that often!

After witness the majesty of the elk, we edged down into a valley and upon these blackbuck.

They didn't stay long.

Driving along the road I was taken by the explosive number of quail.

Owner Joel Swan later told me that a recent helicopter survey of the property showed 157 Bob White quail coveys and 150 blue coveys on the property.

I believed him.

There were just a ton.


There's a ram.

Not not a Jacobs.

I never can get over just how massive Watusi cattle are.

No wonder they're considered "Dangerous Game."

At least...

A Jacobs.

Now to see if G can get me close enough for a shot.

My thanks to Joel Swan and the rest of the staff at Champion Ranch!

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