Hunting Jacob Sheep At Champion Ranch Part 4

Join North American Hunter Editor Gayne C. Young as he hunts Champion Ranch

My Guide G led me through thick stands of cedar and waist high weeds to within shooting range of the old sheep.

After several attempts I got my Champion Arms (Yep, they make their own rifles...and they're damn good) .243 on the sticks and dropped the old ram with a single shot.

He was an old ram of about seven years old and weighed 74 pounds. 

His four horns were more like three as two grew together with that base measuring 10 inches.

His others measured 9 1/2 and 9.

His two longest horns measured 16 3/4 and 17 1/2.

I thanked G immensely for a great hunt and we headed back to the lodge.

Where G suggested I try firing the ranch's HS Mannlicher .50 BMG.

That beast fires a 750 grain A-MAX bullet.

Watch a video of my lady friend Kate Allen shooting it HERE.

Look for video of me firing it to come.

From there it was into the lodge for many celebratory beers.

The lodge was expansive yet still intimate.

The main room had plenty of trophies, some of which were taken on the ranch.  Others by owner Joel Swan and his father Papa Joe while on safari in Africa.

My thanks to Joel Swan and the rest of the staff at Champion Ranch for a fantastic hunt!

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