Editor's Notes: My Birthday

Our Editor offers tips on longevity. Sort of.

Yesterday saw an outpouring of support and cheers for my birthday.

My email, phone, and Social Media accounts were ablaze with people wishing me well and offering their best to me on my special day.

I was also inundated with questions and statements about my health and appearance.

"How do you remain such a magnificent specimen at your age?"

"My God you look good."

"You can't be as old as you state you are! There's just no way!"

"You bastard! Are you ever gonna call me back?!"

Ok, so that last one didn't have anything to do with my birthday.

I think.

So how do I maintain my youthful appearance despite my far advancing age?

It's easy:

I drink everyday.

Smoke cigars everyday.

I hunt and fish.

I get as much sun as I can while avoiding sunscreen.

And I drink everyday.


Yeah. I know.

I repeated myself.

Being an outdoor writer and living the lifestyle of such is a tough job but as you can tell it comes with very youthful looking rewards.


Do not take anything Gayne writes seriously.


Please don't.


Feel free to check out his birthday list.

It's a good list although we're pretty sure he didn't get anything from it.

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