California Bigfoot Caught On Camera?

Is this 11 year old video for real?

Here's the story...

November 14, 2005

The Story:

Last weekend my girlfriend Jill and I were hiking in northern Sonoma County (in CA).  We had our video camera with us so we could try to tape some elk. We'd been going for about a couple hours when Jill said she heard a strange noise.  We stopped, and then I heard it too. 

At first, it sounded like a deep growl, kind of what a bear would make, but higher pitched. Jill wanted to run away, but then we heard it again. I thought it was real strange.  So I took out the camera to try to zoom in on where the noise was coming from, and there was this weird creature.  It must have heard us, because it moved away real fast!  It was gone in about 15 seconds.

The thing was like 8-9 feet tall, with reddish brown colored hair, and dark eyes. I ran after it, but it moved real fast.  When I got to the spot in the ground where it had been when I first heard it, I noticed that the grass was smashed down, and there was this strange, skunky kind of smell.

Afterwards, Jill was real scared, so we turned around and went back, and we didn't see it again.  But that creature was like nothing I've ever seen before – if it wasn't Bigfoot, then I don't know what it was.

And one more thing – when I got home, my Mom's mutt Brownie kept sniffing and barking at my hiking boots.  They must have smelled like the creature.  Brownie was going totally crazy.  Luckily, my buddy Jeff has a buddy Alex who works in a lab, so we're going to have him analyze them.

About Me:

My name is Mark Nelson, and I'm an amateur naturist.  I love hiking in the woods and spending time outdoors. I also like photography, and I play bass in a rock band called Total Nutcase.

Here's the truth...

The video is false.

Yet, 11 years later people still believe it and the video is viral.

Despite 11 years of proof including illusionists Penn & Teller coming forward to say that they made the video as a hoax.

Did you fall for this?