I Hate My Dog Part 3

Bad dog!

My three year old Rhodesia Ridgeback Turner has once again been bad.

Last year she ate a $1,000 pair of ear plugs.

A few weeks ago she destroyed my lawn chair.

Today, she decided to gift me a dead squirrel.

Or actually to sleep with one on the couch. 

It started when Turner caught and killed a squirrel in the backyard.

Yes, Ridgebacks are bred to fight lions but squirrels I got.

Lions, I ain't.

After she shook said tree rat dead she decided she should lick on it awhile.

It then needed to be carried around.

And then gummed on some more.

Then things got ugly.

She brought the damn rat onto the couch!

Really Turner!

Come on!

Not sure what her plans were once she got the squirrel on the couch.

Eat it?

Take a nap with it?

I din't let the fun continue so I have no idea.

I really need to get Turner a lion or something to hunt.

At least I know she can't drag one of those on the couch.


Maybe she could.

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