GIFT GUIDE: J. Alain Smith

Give the gift of literary adventure!

Famed author, TV Host, and all around hell of a guy J. Alain Smith is offering a special deal on three of his best selling hunting books this Holiday Season.

Adventures in the Wild Places

This collection of exciting stories from around the world is a continuation of hunting tales by author J. Alain Smith. Join the thrills as he ventures to the high mountain peaks of Pakistan after the elusive Kashmir Markhor, guided by former Taliban fighters. Chase Cape buffalo in the swamps of Tanzania, hunt the rare Royal antelope in the steamy jungles of Ghana and Florida for the largest Alligator ever taken with a bow. From 50” Ibex in Central Asia to a camp raiding Leopard in Africa, Brown bear in Alaska to Jaguars in Paraguay, it’s all here and more!

Hunting New Horizons

The adventure continues, as big game hunter and author of Close Calls and Hunting Adventures, J. Alain Smith, takes you to Africa, Asia, and the wilds of Alaska and Canada, on more hunting adventures for top tropies from around the world. From the steep mountains of Azerbaijan, to the steamy jungles of Central Africa, you’ll feel like you are standing by his side facing wounded Cape Buffalo or testing your ability to cling by your finger tips to sheer cliff faces while pursuing wild sheep in their lofty lairs. Dare to be there, where your game scounts carry AK 47’s, where you hunt Mongolian Argali at -18 degrees, where leeches cling to your lily white flesh as you wade thru the swamp after Sitatunga. It’s all waiting for your in Hunting New Horizon’s and more!

Adventures in Rugged Places

The tales of adventure continue in J. Alain Smith’s latest action packed book, Adventures in Rugged Places. Share in the gut wrenching thrills as he hunts killer Nile Buffalo in Uganda, Leopard from the mountains of Tanzania and wily prey only found in frost bit Siberia in the dead of winter. This series of adrenaline packed stories takes you around the world with J. Alain Smith to some of Earth’s most exotic locales where you can experience not only the hunt, but the humorous side of travel and what it’s like living on the road over 200 days a year.

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