Hunter Dies, ANTIs Cheer

The insensitivity of Social Media is disgusting.

A big game hunter, veterinarian, and just one of the hunters the ANTIs made life miserable for has died following an in-the-field accident.

Luciano Ponzetto, 55, died after falling more than 100 feet into a ravine while hunting near the Italian city of Turin.

Ponzetto was bird hunting when he slipped on the ice and fell.

His news has been met with heavy sadness from the hunting community and elation from the ANTIs who have actually cheered his death on Social Media.

Some have said that Ponzetto got what was coming to him, that he deserved to die, that they hope his family soon joins him in hell, and worse.

Yes, worse.

Is this just the state of the world today?

Can anything be done?

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