Best Hunting Advice

NAH Staff writer Larry Weishuhn always has good advice.

“Did you see anything yesterday afternoon?” questioned the caller.  Before I could respond, “I didn’t go, it was just too hot!  I doubt they were moving.  Supposed to be cold now, at least cool.  I hate hot temperatures during the hunting season.”

“Should have gone!  I saw seven bucks and three does, not counting a monstrous ten point I saw headed to your stand as I was going to mine.  It may be hot for this time of the year, but I guess at least some of the deer in our area like it that way….  Supposed to go to raining later this week.  Always welcome rain!”

“Not me, deer don’t move in the rain, so I probably won’t go hunting.”  I smiled at my friend’s comment.  One of the more handsome bucks I have ever taken, I shot on the Sandstone Mountain Ranch near Llano, Texas during a cold rain storm! 

 got tickled with my friend’s comments.  It was as if he was looking for excuses not to go hunting or not to be successful in taking a deer.

Over the years I have been in more than a fair share of hunting camps. I have noticed there are many like the friend who look for excuses not to go hunting.  “It’s too cold!” “It’s too hot!” “It’s snowing!”  “It’s raining!”, “Too many acorns!”, “The moon is wrong!”  “Wind is blowing too hard and from the wrong direction!”, “It’s the middle of the day, the deer don’t move but early and late!”  The list goes on and on!

I get to hunt a lot and have to film episodes for my “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” television show which appears on Sportsman Channel year around, but I NEVER get to hunt as much as I want to.

I have noticed in visiting many hunting camps, most hunters hunt early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  Me?  I like hunting all day long, regardless of the weather, moon phase, status of the rut or other “factors”. 

Over the years I have taken my best antlered, old, mature bucks between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm when most hunters are back in camp eating lunch, taking a nap and watching their favorite football teams play. 

Not too long ago, while hunting in Kansas I shot a near Boone and Crockett record book buck at 11:30 am.  I was set up my Nature Blinds Stalking Shield next to a barbed wire fence overlooking a long narrow food Tecomate plot.  I was hunting with my Ruger American in .270 Win shooting Hornady American Whitetail ammo.  The buck appeared out of the dense creek bottom and walked along the edge of the field, weaving in and out of cover.  He finally stopped and gave me a shot at a bit over 300 yards.  I had practiced that shot many times at the FTW Ranch’s SAAM ranges with the rifle/ammo combination I carried.  Mid-day hunting had proved successful once again.

I am often asked what my best hunting advice is.  My reply is always the same, “Go hunt!  Don’t look for excuses not to go hunting, simply go hunt!!”  To be that’s the best hunting advice there is!




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