Africa 2016

NAH Staff Writer Gordie White looks back on his clients' time in Africa this past year.

Our Africa 2016 season was excellent, and the attached PDF proves it! Friends reported great trips with many exceptional animals hunted and taken.  Our safari operators and professional hunters continue to deliver the highest quality service. They never fail to provide the most memorable experiences to our friends. Our African outfitters are not only fantastic partners, but are, without a doubt, the best hunters and guides on the “Dark Continent.”

There is no place else like Africa. It changes people from the moment they see the first elephant up close, or an old buffalo bull is tracked, or a lion’s roar is heard.  The essence of Africa gets in your blood. 


Today, Africa’s great game lands still offer unequaled hunting and wildlife viewing. I think Africa’s plains, savannahs, and forests provide the finest and best-valued big game hunting anywhere in the world. The vast herds of game, sunrises and long sunsets, magnificent landscape, and the people are awe-inspiring on this unique continent. Africa must be seen—and experienced.

In 2017, our friends will travel to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, and Kenya. I anticipate our hunters will take some big buffalo, oversized plains game, and, I hope, some big male leopards. Leopard success doesn’t always come easy; several big toms outsmarted us in 2016.


Throughout November, hunters raved about superb trips to Mexico for quail and pheasant; Texas for wild bobwhites, big deer, and heavy-horned aoudad; Argentina for hot-barreled dove shooting; and the Bahamas for big bonefish. For the next month or so, more friends will travel to Texas for trophy whitetail and wild bobwhite quail, and to South Africa and Kenya for photographic safaris. Towards the end of January, we’ll get very busy sending groups to Argentina for its world-renowned high-volume dove shooting.

If I can help with a future trip, call me or write me an email. I’d like to hear from you.

For now, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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